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Pediatric dermatology, 3rd edition
  1. Christian Harkensee

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Edited by Lawrence A Schachner and Ronald C Hansen. Published by Mosby, London, 2003, £170.00 (hardcover), pp 1340. ISBN 0-323-02611-7

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Paediatric dermatology is one of the niche specialities of our field, but a relevant one. Paediatric dermatologists, or paediatricians with an interest in dermatology, face a workload that is challenging and growing. As well as conditions such as the increasingly more common atopic disorders, new or rarely seen conditions have arisen in the context of progress in science, improved healthcare and survival, and global migration. Paediatric dermatology is a dermatological rather than a paediatric subspeciality; nevertheless, where a speciality service is not provided by an adult trained dermatologist with a paediatric interest, most paediatric patients with skin problems are actually cared for by general paediatricians.

The fascination of dermatology lies within its visual and almost purely clinical approach to …

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