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Does avoidance of breast feeding reduce mother-to-infant transmission of hepatitis C virus infection?
  1. K Bhola,
  2. W McGuire
  1. Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Australian National University Medical School, Canberra, Australia;

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You are the doctor or midwife reviewing a newborn infant whose mother is infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV; but not infected with human immunodeficiency viris (HIV)). She wishes to breast feed but is concerned about whether this would affect the risk of her infant acquiring HCV infection. You would like your advice to be based on the best evidence available.

Structured clinical question

In newborn infants of mothers with [HCV] infection [patients], does avoidance of breastfeeding [intervention] reduce mother-to-infant transmission of HCV [outcome]?

Search strategy and outcome

Medline 1966–2006 and EMBASE 1980–2006 (using OVID interface).

The Cochrane Library [2006, issue 3].

Search terms: hepatitis “C” (MeSH term) AND “breastfeeding”/“breastmilk”(MeSH term) AND “transmission, vertical” (keyword).

We found 44 articles in Medline …

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