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  1. Howard Bauchner, Editor in Chief

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Early in this decade I sensed a renewed interest in child global health. The commitment to improve the well-being of children living around the world has been fuelled by numerous factors, including the HIV epidemic, the remarkable leadership and content of the Lancet, as reflected both by its various commissioned series on neonatal and child health as well as its original research reports, and the resources of the Gates Foundation, which have now doubled because of the Buffet gift. Over the past 2–3 years, the focus has expanded from infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly HIV disease, to other issues, such as neurocognitive development, and to other areas of the world, including Asia and Latin America. In this issue, there is a report from Pakistan, with an accompanying perspective by Zulfi Bhutta, which compares standard versus double dose amoxicillin for non-severe pneumonia in children. At least in this area of the world, there appears to be no difference in failures and relapses. Professor Bhutta touches on many of the complex decisions in …

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