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Oxford specialist handbook in paediatric neurology
  1. Rosemary Belderbos

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Rob Forsyth, Richard Newton. Published byOxford University Press, Oxford, 2007, £34.99 (paperback), 448. 0-19-856939-4

Those saviours of junior doctors have come up with another handy pocket-sized book (a handbag might be less cumbersome, ladies!). The makers of the “cheese and onion” (Oxford handbook of clinical medicine) and “ready salted” (Oxford handbook of clinical surgery) volumes have achieved the awesome task of condensing the super brainy neurologists’ knowledge into 546 pages (it has taken 27 years since the medical handbook, but we’ll accept this as a reflection of the complexity of the subject rather than its lack of importance in the eyes of the publishers). We’re running out of crisp flavours now, so I suggest the “club med” as a suitable nickname (as the colours on the front cover bring to mind the sun, the sea and the sky). The …

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