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Cerebral palsy: a complete guide for caregiving, 2nd edn
  1. M Wallis

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Edited by Freeman Miller, Steven J Bachrach. Published by Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, 2006, £10.22 (paperback), pp 475. ISBN 0-8018-8355-5

This book offers nearly 500 pages of information for a price equivalent to that of an average DVD. If you are a well-educated parent of a child with cerebral palsy, or a young adult with cerebral palsy, and living in the US, this is the book to get. It is wide ranging and has information on all the key topics, either within the main text or in the 100 pages at the back devoted to a cerebral palsy encyclopaedia.

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The book might also be useful as a resource for professionals working in the UK. If you want to know what to …

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