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Mental retardation and developmental delay: genetic and epigenetic factors
  1. D J Stalker

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Edited by Moyra Smith.: Oxford University Press, 2005, £29.99 (US$55 (approx.); €45 (approx.)), pp 300, hardback. ISBN 0195174321

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This book is a little gem but it is not for the faint hearted. It is not directed specifically at the clinical expert (whether clinical geneticist or paediatrician with a neurodisability interest) but is perfect for those who wish to understand the genetic mechanisms active in embryonic life and beyond, which lead to structural and functional brain abnormalities. For the uninitiated it is a journey of enlightenment.

The reader has a gentle initiation through the social, environmental, and scientific progress in understanding of the causes of mental retardation (MR) in over a century of investigation. The subsequent chapters form a classification in themselves, being usefully separated into abnormalities of brain structure …

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