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PKU and me
  1. Elizabeth Hooley
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    Dr H Marcovitch
    Syndication Editor, BMJ Publications; h.marcovitch{at}

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My name is Elizabeth Hooley and I am 13 years old. I have phenylketonuria (PKU) so cannot eat meat, fish, cheese, eggs, poultry, most dairy products, or anything else high in protein. Also, I cannot have any light, diet, or sugar-free drinks or food. I am allowed all fruits—but only one small banana a day. I can have most vegetables but ones like potatoes and sprouts I have to weigh into portions called exchanges. At the present time I have six and a half exchanges a day. I get most of my food, without charge, on a National Health Service prescription. This includes special milk, bread, pasta, biscuits, and chocolate bars. I also have to have a special orange drink called Maxamum, which gives me the nutrients I miss …

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