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Cannabis use by children and young people
  1. P A McArdle
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr P A McArdle
    Fleming Nuffield Unit, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Brudon Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE2 3AE, UK; mcardlep{at}


A popular internet site1 describes cannabis as “a leafy plant, the leaves and flowering tops (buds) of which may be either smoked or eaten. It also comes in a more concentrated resinous form called hashish, and as a sticky black liquid called hash oil”. It is said that users often report a pleasant “subjective enhancement of visual and auditory perception, sometimes with synaesthesia (sounds take on visual colourful qualities)” and the sense that time passes more quickly than real time, a “fatuous euphoria”, as well as relaxation and relief from stress.2

  • adolescence
  • cannabis
  • mental health

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