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R Gilbert, H K Tan, S Cliffe, et al. Symptomatic toxoplasma infection due to congenital and postnatally acquired infection (Arch Dis Child 2006;91:495–8). A number of errors were published in this paper.

In the Abstract results section “3.4/100 000 live births; 95% CI 2.4 to 4.8” should be replaced with “1.62/100 000 live births; 95% CI 0.85 to 2.83.”

In the last paragraph of the Methods section the sentence, “We assumed that the incidence of congenital toxoplasma infection was constant for the entire 15 year birth cohort and calculated a weighted sum of the mean incidence for each year of age” should be replaced with “The cumulative incidence was based on half the total number of events in 2 years of observation divided by the average births per year between 1988–2003.”

In the last line of the Results section the figure “646 739” should actually be “649 321”.

In table 2 the figures:

3.43 (2.38, 4.78)

0.82 (0.36, 1.60)

2.11 (1.31, 3.23)

1.62 (0.93, 2.62)

3.73 (2.63, 5.14)

should be replaced with

1.62 (0.85, 2.83)

0.39 (0.095, 1.11)

1.00 (0.43, 2.01)

0.85 (0.34, 1.80)

1.85 (0.95, 3.23)

The authors apologise for these errors.

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