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Brook’s clinical paediatric endocrinology, 5th edition
  1. J W Gregory

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Edited by Charles Brook, Peter Clayton, Rosalind Brown. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2005, £165.00 (US$290 (approx.); €240 (approx.)), hardback, pp 576. ISBN 1405126558

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Most areas of clinical practice have a longstanding tradition of reference textbooks which have been consulted by clinicians in search of advice about the investigation or management of a particularly tricky clinical problem. In this day and age of rapid advances in our understanding of molecular biology, most disciplines are developing at a dramatic rate and it is perhaps time to question whether there still remains a place for textbooks such as Clinical paediatric endocrinology. This perhaps is the explanation why only four years have elapsed since the publication of the previous edition. I must firstly confess a conflict of …

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