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Highlights in asthma 2005


It is usual at the end of a year for top tens to feature large in our collective consciousness. These inevitably include the occasional controversial selection and without fail will overlook a number of gems, whether in the field of literature, art, or science. The approaches to such compilations include personal selections, convening expert committees through to letting the market decide. However, it is well recognised that experts can be wrong and markets distorted. A novel approach to identifying the key publications in the field of medicine, Faculty of 1000 Medicine (, uses faculty evaluations to assign ratings to published papers within topics and categories, bringing a flavour of the dynamism of post hoc peer review to biological sciences that exists in other fields of scholarship. Archives of Disease in Childhood has also developed a market led system of peer evaluation through its web based top ten most read articles feature.

  • airway inflammation
  • asthma
  • review
  • treatment

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