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Evidence-based paediatrics and child health, 2nd edition
  1. M Wagstaff

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Edited by Virginia Moyer, Elizabeth Elliott. Oxford: BMJ Books/Blackwell Publishing, 2005, £90.00 (approx. €131, $154) (hardback), pp 542. ISBN 0727917463.

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I must admit to a somewhat heavy heart when this book arrived for me to review; this is a fairly serious looking 550-page book with a grey cover and, as my family pointed out, “no pictures”. On the other hand, I thought, here is a book that will give me all the answers—evidence based medicine (EBM) to me seems to involve an awful lot of hard work for a topic that was never mentioned at medical school, but one which I’ve been trying to tackle ever since. My often-used excuse is that there simply isn’t sufficient evidence on which to base decisions; one only has to look …

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