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Is Chandipura virus an emerging human pathogen?
  1. N R Potharaju,
  2. A K Potharaju
  1. 10-3-185, St John’s Road, Secunderabad – 500025, India;

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Chandipura virus (CHPV), initially thought to be an orphan virus, was later reported to cause sporadic cases of fever with arthralgia,1 Reye’s syndrome,2 and epidemic coma. Epidemic coma was reported as epidemic brain attack of childhood (EBAC) (supported by clinical features, normal CSF in all cases, neuroimaging, and response to treatment)3–5 or Chandipura encephalitis (supported by virus isolation, identification by electron microscopy, immunofluorescence, and PCR).6–9

CHPV is ubiquitous in the Indian sub-continent (at least since 1955),1 Srilanka,10

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