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Out of sight and out of mind? Part II
  1. Elina Inanloo
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr H Marcovitch
    Syndication Editor,BMJ Publications; h.marcovitch{at}

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Mary Rose

A small house and a beautiful garden,
Two parents so caring and kind.
A lovely 3-year-old girl, Mary,
With nothing but happiness in her mind.
Though they had a very simple life,
They helped each other as best as they could.
Mary would often play in the garden,
While her parents did everything they should.
Yet one awful, terrible day,
Her parents became very ill and died.
And Mary was left on her own,
With no-one to comfort her by her side.
She was sent away to a very big house,
Where no love or joy could be seen.
And two horrible children who laughed at her,
She had to treat their parents with respect like a King and Queen.
The children teased her for not having parents,
And her life was …

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