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Textbook of paediatric emergency medicine
  1. A Reece

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Edited by Peter Cameron, George Jelinek, Ian Everitt, Gary Browne, Jeremy Raftos. Published by Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh, 2006, £44.99, pp 732. ISBN 0-443-07348-1

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When was the last time you opened a textbook? Do you do it less often than you did 5 years ago? Times have changed, and shelves are buckling under the weight of prized and trusted reference textbooks gathering dust, rarely removed. This is mainly because of the exponential increase in useable material easily available and accessible on the internet, but also, I suspect, because for many trainees their shift rota interferes with their textbook reading time. Surely some time soon all textbooks will be routinely published on the internet? Having said …

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