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Paediatric clinical research manual
  1. A Brooke

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Edited by Peter Helms, Peter Stonier. Euromed Communications, 2005, pp 150, £325.00 (US$600 (approx.); €475 (approx.)), hardback. ISBN 13554808

This book is subtitled “A practical international handbook for all those working in clinical research”. I received this book for review thinking that it was about “how to do paediatric clinical research”.

I was mistaken. This book is actually about paediatric clinical pharmacology research.

The publication is a very useful handbook for those clinicians or clinical scientists who wish to embark on paediatric drug and therapeutics research. I say publication because the work is loose bound in an A5 ring binder and this makes the book feel much less authoritative than it probably is. No …

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