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Teaching and learning in clinical settings
  1. C Turner

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Edited by Richard Hays. Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, 2006, pp 168, £24.95,(US$45 (approx.); €35 (approx.)) (hardback). ISBN 1857757513

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Clinical teaching is at last no longer see one, do one, teach one. With this insight from the medical profession comes (not before time) a plethora of books on teaching.

This book by Richard Hays is a practical tome. Primarily about teaching medical students, it establishes right from the start that one doesn’t have to be an educationalist to be a good teacher. It is only the minority of clinicians that undergo any formal educational training, but conversely, formal training does not produce a good teacher. This book sends the message that teaching well is not a skill that everyone has, or even has …

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