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Should bubble baths be avoided in children with urinary tract infections?
  1. G Modgil,
  2. A Baverstock
  1. Paediatric Specialist Registrars, Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust, Taunton, UK;

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Bubble baths are common products used by parents. Medical professionals, from students to consultants, can be heard across clinics throughout the country, advising parents to avoid the use of bubble bath to help prevent another urinary tract infection in their child.

In our simple survey we could not find any labels on bubble baths intended for children or babies that reinforced this advice. Are we, as general paediatricians, providing unsubstantiated advice to our patients and parents?

Structured clinical question

In a child [patient] does the avoidance of bubble bath [intervention] help to prevent urinary tract infections [outcome]?

Search strategy and outcome

Secondary sources: Cochrane, Clinical Evidence—none.

Primary sources: Medline 1965 to present …

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