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The collected editorials by Martin CO Bax from Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 1961–2003
  1. J B P Stephenson

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    Edited by Martin C O Bax. London: MacKeith Press, 2004, £18.00, pp 264. ISBN 1898683417

    And it’s only £18, including postage! But how does one review a book like this, a collection of twelve dozen editorials spanning four decades? I thought of the late Ronnie Mac Keith (“I am not your boss, I am your colleague!”) whose evocative personal memoir by Martin rounds off this book, and looked for a bottle of Madeira to accompany my morning coffee and sweet biscuit. All I could find was port, and at once I was there watching Ronnie standing on the college dining room table between the silver giving an after-dinner speech, while Martin, already an editor since 1961, sat beaming below. But before I continue, I should explain about the editor date. The year 1961 is when Martin first became co-editor (with Ronnie Mac Keith) of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. Martin had already been editor of Ambit (the literary and artistic …

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