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  1. Howard Bauchner, Editor in Chief

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    Dr Tutarel describes the current composition of editorial boards of leading general paediatric journals. This report is similar in content to two recent articles in BMJ. One found that three of the four major general medical journals (Lancet, JAMA, NEJM) publish little original research relevant to developing countries.1BMJ is the exception. All four publish more relevant commentaries, editorials, and reviews. The second paper found that authors and editors from countries with a low Human Development Index (HDI) are poorly represented in many tropical medical journals.2 Paediatric journals appear to do no better, including ADC – of 207 editorial board members of 11 paediatric journals there are only eight representatives from countries with a medium HDI and none from countries with a low index. Is this finding important or is it the content of a journal that should be judged? Do …

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