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PediSuite 5.0
  1. E Posner

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    Published by Medical Wizards. Platform: Palm and Pocket PC handheld devices. Requirements: Pocket PC: 4.1 MB of either RAM or storage card memory. Palm OS 3.2-5.4: RAM deploy: 3.46 MB, memory/SD deploy: 1.34 MB RAM, 2.35 MB memory/SD card. US$ 45.99. Buy from:

    PediSuite is produced by Medical Wizards, a company founded in 2000 by a practising physician. The program is large and consists of 15 modules. Within each module there are numerous options. The selection of calculations, regimes and protocols is huge. Getting to know the content is time well spent as the information that you will be looking for you would usually want to know quickly.

    This is software that aims to be a powerful calculator rather than an information source. Consequently, most of the modules contain some basic information about …

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