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Pediatric orthopaedics and sports medicine, the requisites in pediatrics
  1. R Leaver

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    Edited by John P Dormans. Oxford: Mosby, 2004, £34.99 (hardback), pp 454. ISBN 0323018262

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    This is the first of a series on paediatric sub-specialties.

    My first impression of the book was that the content was daunting for a paediatrician. However, after reading selected chapters in detail, the authors certainly fulfilled their aim to educate paediatricians on how to approach an orthopaedic problem. My experience in paediatric training is that there is little exposure in managing musculoskeletal problems. The development of the musculoskeletal system in childhood and adolescence is a very important aspect of paediatrics and tends to be a neglected part of paediatric training. This book will help to rectify this.

    There is substantial detail describing the mechanism and management of injuries. In fact, a patient of mine brought in her child who had fractured her radius and ulnar. She had consulted an orthopaedic surgeon but requested a second opinion from me. With the help of this book, which happened to be on my desk at the time, I was able to give an informed opinion on the appropriate management of this problem. I made no apologies about using the book!!

    Sports medicine includes how the body adapts to exercise and the effects that exercise has on medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, malignancy, and other chronic disorders of childhood. Included in this, is the use of exercise in managing these conditions. Medical conditions were not included in this book. Thus a better title of the book would have been “Pediatric orthopaedics and overuse injuries in childhood and adolescence”.

    The book gave detailed accounts of overuse injuries involving anatomical sites. However, I felt that there could have been an introductory section describing, in principle, the unique types of injuries in childhood and adolescence.

    A more detailed account of the rehabilitation of injuries, for example, the role of physiotherapy and biokinetics would have been helpful.

    The chapters on paediatric rheumatology were clear, detailed, systematic, and moreover very easy to read.

    The layout, tables, and photographs were excellent. The blocks summarising the salient points of each chapter were very useful. Above all, each section was well referenced.

    This book is highly recommended to paediatricians and health professionals working with children.

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