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Management of the motor disorders of children with cerebral palsy, 2nd edition
  1. S M Wallis

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    Edited by David Scrutton, Dianne Damiano, Margaret Mayston. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004, £50.00 (hardback), pp 191. ISBN 1-898-68332-8

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    There has been an interval of 20 years since publication of the first edition of this book, and this second edition reflects the progress in this field. David Scrutton has invited two colleagues, Dianne Damiano from the USA, and Margaret Mayston, originally from Australia to join him as editors, and together they have commissioned contributions from an international group of experts who reflect the current approach to care. The book is written primarily for therapists but there is much of value for paediatricians.

    The introduction describes current treatment dilemmas. In the past, physiotherapy programmes were based on philosophies of care. Modern management is based on clinical principles with a scientific rationale for their use. Evidence for their efficacy is emerging but remains sparse.

    The first chapter defines cerebral palsy and describes the various cerebral palsy syndromes, their correlation with MRI …

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