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The treatment of gait problems in cerebral palsy
  1. R J Jefferson

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    Edited by James R Gage. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004, £85.00 (hardback with CD-ROM), pp 423. ISBN 1898683379

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    I settled down to read this book, thinking it would be instructive and enjoyable—and I was not disappointed. Basic principles are clearly explained in the text and are well illustrated with appropriate clinical examples and case studies, supplemented by the CD-ROM.

    Jim Gage is a master in the use of automated gait analysis to rationalise surgical decision making for children with walking disorders, and, with his wealth of experience, accumulated over more than 20 years, is a very appropriate editor for this volume. The clarity of his own thought processes is evident in his explanation of biomechanical principles applied to the complex dynamic gait …

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