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Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology: a multidisciplinary approach
  1. R J Hitchcock

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    Edited by Adam H Balen, Sarah M Creighton, Melanie C Davies, Jane MacDougall, Richard Stanhope. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004, pp 540, £150.00. ISBN 0 521 80961 4

    The management of young and adolescent girls with disorders of the genital tract and associated illnesses has long fallen between many subspecialties. With few adolescent gynaecologists in this country, paediatric surgeons and physicians, adult gynaecologists, and endocrinologists work with (or not as the case may be) clinical geneticists and psychologists to diagnose, explain, and manage sometimes simple and sometimes extremely complex problems. Pre-adolescent and adolescent gynaecology has always been on the margins of most professionals’ knowledge and practice and there is a dearth of supporting reference texts. The range …

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