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ADHD: the facts
  1. E V J Webb

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    Edited by Mark Selikowitz. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004, pp 235 £11.99. ISBN 0 19 852628 8

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    This book opens badly, with two long histories that, for some reason, are presented in tiny font size. Already irritated I was then dismayed to find the cases described maintaining the tired stereotypes of the dreamy inattentive girl and the hyperactive, impulsive boy. The boy is, disappointingly, also violent and aggressive. There are girls who are hyperactive and impulsive, and hyperactive, impulsive children of both sexes who are neither violent nor aggressive. Unfortunately the media stereotype, reinforced here, is not a helpful one for most children with ADHD trying to make sense of themselves.

    The relation between real and administrative prevalence, or the political and social factors which can influence both, are not discussed. ADHD is, at the severe end of the scale, a disabling disorder with clear neurobiological deficits. However it …

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