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What is the risk of cancer in a child with hemihypertrophy?
  1. P Abraham
  1. Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Gawber Road, Barnsley S75 2EP, UK;

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You have a 4 year old girl with hemihyperplasia limited to the left leg in your clinic come for review. This child was originally referred to your clinic a few weeks back after her mother noticed leg length discrepancy when she bought a new pair of trousers. You notice asymmetry between the two legs, with the left leg larger and longer than the right. An orthopaedic surgeon was consulted, who ruled out a hip problem and suggested the possibility of hemihyperplasia of the left leg. There is an increased risk of cancer, especially of Wilm’s tumour in these children, and hence a paediatric surgeon was consulted. Ultrasound scan of abdomen ruled out an intra-abdominal tumour. Her parents were trained to feel their daughter’s abdomen weekly. You are unsure about the actual incidence of the risk of tumour (cancer) development and the best scheme for surveillance. Hence you decide to look at the evidence base for these answers so that the family can be counselled appropriately.

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