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Erythema induratum of Bazin and episcleritis in a 6 year old girl
  1. T R Leahy1,
  2. P Downey2,
  3. B Ramsay3,
  4. R K Philip4
  1. 1Department of Paediatrics, Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Limerick, Ireland
  2. 2Department of Pathology, Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
  3. 3Department of Dermatology, Mid-Western Regional Hospital
  4. 4Department of Paediatrics, Mid-Western Regional Hospital
  1. Correspondence to:
    R K Philip
    Department of Paediatrics, Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Limerick, Ireland;

Statistics from

A 6 year old girl of Nigerian extract presented with a three month history of tender lesions on the backs of her legs. Some of these lesions had superficially ulcerated (fig 1). She also had a non-painful red right eye for approximately one month.

Figure 1

 Area of shallow ulceration on medial aspect of left leg.

She was born …

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