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Intersex and gender assignment; the third way?
  1. S F Ahmed1,
  2. S Morrison1,
  3. I A Hughes2
  1. 1Scottish Genital Anomaly Network, Scotland, UK
  2. 2Dept of Paediatrics, University of Cambridge, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr S F Ahmed
    Consultant in Paediatric Endocrinology, Royal Hospital For Sick Children, Yorkhill, Glasgow G3 8SJ, UK;


The birth of a new baby is one of the greatest wonders of nature and one of the most exciting events known to man. The first question that is usually posed by the mother or father is “is it a boy or a girl?”; without this information the new parents cannot even formulate the second question which is usually “is he/she alright?”. It is no wonder that the birth of a child with complex genital anomalies where the sex of rearing is uncertain at birth, presents difficult clinical and ethical issues.

  • ambiguous
  • genitalia
  • outcome
  • surgery
  • psychology

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  • This paper is dedicated to the memory of Sita Picton, Clinical Psychologist at the Royal Hospital For Sick Children, Yorkhill, Glasgow.