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Clinical paediatric nephrology, 3rd edition
  1. M Hamilton-Ayres

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    Edited by Nicholas Webb and Robert Postlethwaite. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003. Hardback, pp 509, £85.00. ISBN 0 19 26328

    Since its first publication in 1986, Clinical paediatric nephrology has been “the” reference textbook on the subject that seems to create a great deal of anxiety in general paediatric departments. This, the third edition, is truly comprehensive and provides extremely clear, child focused guidance to any professional interested and involved in paediatric care. It represents a total rethink of the last edition which was published in 1994. Its attractive red and yellow book cover, with the charming schoolgirl drawings about a child in hospital contrast with the earlier “scanning electron micrograph of a normal rat glomerular capillary loop” and dramatically announce these differences. Nicholas Webb now joins Robert Postlewhaite as editor and the number of contributors, all internationally well known in …

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