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A clinical guide to epileptic syndromes and their treatment
  1. T McShane

    Statistics from

    Edited by C P Panayiotopoulos. Bladon Medical Publishing Limited, Oxfordshire, 2002. £39.95, pp 239. ISBN 1 904218 23 7

    This new epilepsy textbook is a refreshing addition to the expanding literature on paediatric epilepsy. It is aimed at the practicing paediatrician who is seeing children with epilepsy and gives sufficient information to guide clinical practice without getting bogged down in detail. It is a short book and I would recommend it to all paediatricians in training. This is not the usual multi-author textbook and benefits from the considerable personal experience of the author. Some may feel there is too much electrophysiology, but I think the balance of information is just right and know the book will be a useful reference for me over the next few years.

    The format follows the expected pattern dealing initially with classification and then considering the epileptic syndromes according to age of presentation. There are then chapters on the benign focal epilepsies of childhood, the idiopathic generalised epilepsies, the familial epilepsies, the symptomatic epilepsies, and finishing with the reflex epilepsies. The discussion is illustrated with cases and the information given is clear, concise, and relevant.

    Each chapter is laid out in sections with subheadings. The layout did sometimes feel crowded and the use of different colours to try and highlight items is sometimes distracting. In some places the page looks like a PowerPoint presentation. Other than this minor complaint this is a good book and I would recommend it to the readers of ADC.

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