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In children undergoing chest radiography what is the specificity of rib fractures for non-accidental injury?
  1. R L Williams1,
  2. P T Connolly2
  1. 1Department of General Practice, Manchester, UK;
  2. 2Department of Intensive Care, Whiston Hospital, Merseyside, UK

    Statistics from

    While reading an orthopaedic text you find a table that states rib fractures are highly specific for non-accidental injury in children. No papers are referenced and you wonder what evidence exists to support this statement.

    Structured clinical question

    In children undergoing chest radiography [patients] are rib fractures on plain radiographs [test] specific for non-accidental injury [outcome]?

    Search strategy and outcome

    Secondary sources

    Cochrane: rib fractures and non-accidental injury; no relevant reviews found.

    Primary sources

    Medline (including Medline corrections) 1966–01/02/2004. [(Validated paediatric search filter (March 2003) for Ovid1) AND (exp Child Abuse or non-accidental or child abuse$.mp or deliberate or exp. domestic violence or child abuse, sexual or exp. Munchausen syndrome by proxy or exp torture or domestic or Munchausen syndrome by or or non-accidental and (exp.rib fractures or rib fracture$.mp or posterior rib fracture$.mp or multiple rib fracture$.mp or bilateral rib fracture$.mp or exp. thoracic injuries or thoracic or chostochondral junction] limited to human and English Language.

    A total of 113 papers were identified; 105 were of insufficient quality for inclusion or irrelevant. One paper was subsequently excluded …

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