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Words not said
  1. Diana Davenport
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr H Marcovitch
    Syndication Editor, BMJ Publications;

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“You’d not swap him for the world”, she purred,

Lame, knocked for comfort.

Comfort? My God. Head and limbs cockeyed:

Not swap?

Well then: boys your age don’t read Noddy.

Don’t do cut out dolls

Nor wag a length of string for pleasure.

So what?

Chaps your age think they’re great, Somebody;

Cut a dash with the girls,

Shave, talk racy, cockily measure

For size

You struggle for learning, stubborn, yet forgetting diff’rence,

Speak with assurance of fabulous


Lads in step with manhood Know a Thing,

Sit exams, stand tall,

Loll in seared grasses with Lovely Ones

And Kiss

You butt your body’s weight, let fly at

Sheepish muscles and,

Pond’rous, frail, manhandle feckless legs

Like freight

… while the go-all blades beef balls about

And shout. They heave their

Shoulders in the scrum, all here-we-come

For fight

Sure, I’d scotch the tumbled chromosomes,

Scupper the Bad Guy

Who baulks your days. I’d crank the engine’s


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