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Acquired non-type 1 diabetes in childhood: subtypes, diagnosis, and management


Over the past 30 years it has become apparent that not all diabetes presenting in childhood is autoimmune type 1. Increasingly type 2 diabetes, maturity onset diabetes of the young, iatrogenic diabetes, and rare syndromic forms of diabetes such as Wolfram’s syndrome have been identified in children. This review is aimed at the general paediatrician looking after children with diabetes, and aims to provide an algorithm for assessment, investigation, and suggested management for the newly diagnosed child with suspected non-type 1 diabetes. This article will also be relevant to the child with atypical diabetes—that is, on low insulin doses outside the honeymoon period.

  • CFRD, cystic fibrosis related diabetes
  • GAD-65, glutamic acid decarboxylase-65
  • HNF-1α, hepatocyte nuclear factor 1α
  • MODY, maturity onset diabetes of the young
  • OMIM, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (database)
  • PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • TRMA, thiamine responsive megaloblastic anaemia
  • diabetes
  • inherited
  • syndromes
  • insulin

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