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The authors of the paper by Feltbower et al in the August issue (Type 2 and other forms of diabetes in 0–30 year olds: a hospital-based study in Leeds, UK, Arch Dis Child 2003;87:679–9) would like to fully acknowledge the help and support of the following groups and individuals, including the Leeds Diabetes Patient Record System Group.

Membership of the Leeds Diabetes Patient Record System Group (1999–2001)

Patricia McKinney, Carolyn Stephenson, Richard Feltbower (Paediatric Epidemiology Group), Trude Silman (former Community Health Council), Sue Jones, Sue Dodman (Clinical Services Managers), Linda Clapman, Virginia Nicholson (Diabetes Specialist Nurses), Fiona Campbell (Consultant Paediatrician), H Jonathan Bodansky (Consultant Diabetologist), Deborah Quant (Patient and IT consultant), Sally Casley, Gillian Richardson (Clinical Effectiveness), Joe Eastman (Health Economist), Judith Knapton (Primary Care), Debra Gill (IT systems).


We are grateful to Dr Jon Fear from Leeds Health Authority for providing financial support towards the collection and analysis of the data. Novo Nordisk are thanked for providing the Diabetes Patient Record System software. We also appreciate the help and assistance of all local clinicians (Dr P Holland, Dr P Sheridan, Dr MU Afza, Dr S Gilbey, Dr M Mansfield, Dr JK Wales, Professor PJ Grant) and their staff. Diabetes specialist nurses were especially supportive, as were secretarial and medical records staff throughout the Trust. We also thank the Office for National Statistics for providing mid-year population estimates. Finally, we thank Roger Parslow fro helpful comments on the manuscript.

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