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Do oral antihistamines stop the itch of atopic dermatitis?
  1. Susie Dimson, Registrar1,
  2. Cham Nanayakkara, Registrar2
  1. 1Newham General Hospital, UK
  2. 2Hammersmith Hospital, UK

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You are a paediatric SHO, on a night shift. You are called to the ward to see a 6 year old girl, who cannot get to sleep because her eczema is too itchy. The nurses want you to prescribe an antihistamine, but you doubt the efficacy of this treatment. As it is a surprisingly quiet shift, you go off to do a literature search.

Structured clinical question

In children with atopic eczema [patient], does the use of oral antihistamines [intervention] reduce the incidence of …

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