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Are routine chest x ray and ECG examinations helpful in the evaluation of asymptomatic heart murmurs?
  1. Susan Gardiner
  1. Bradford Royal Infirmary, UK

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A 6 month old infant is referred by the GP to the general paediatric clinic with an asymptomatic heart murmur. A careful history does not reveal any symptoms of heart disease. On examination there is a soft systolic heart murmur, but the infant is otherwise normal. You suspect that the child has an innocent heart murmur but are not 100% sure. In this case will a chest x ray and ECG examination add to your clinical evaluation?

Structured clinical question

In children with an asymptomatic heart murmur [patient] does a chest x ray and/or ECG examination [intervention] assist in the diagnosis or exclusion of congenital heart disease [outcome]?

Search strategy and outcome

Secondary sources: none

Primary sources: Medline 1966 to October week 2, 2001: (heart murmurs OR (heart murmur$ OR cardiac murmur$).tw.) AND (electrocardiography OR AND (radiography, OR chest, OR chest OR chest AND (heart defects, …

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