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The black hole in my CV
  1. I D Wacogne
  1. Ian Wacogne is a consultant in general paediatrics at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK;

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When I was in my late twenties I heard myself saying something along the lines of “We can travel around the world when we retire”. Fortunately, as a consequence of the number of daft things I say, I do make an effort to listen to quite a lot of what comes out of my mouth. This particular inanity seemed to me to be, by several orders of magnitude, more stupid than anything I’d said in a long while.

It was shortly before this that I’d got an SpR post, together with an NTN and, out of the blue, a letter telling me the date on which I’d hopefully get my CCST. At this point I’d, theoretically, fall off the conveyor belt into, again hopefully, a consultant job. In this cynical state of mind the consultant job would be another conveyor belt, this time into retirement. The retirement itself—some 30 years hence—would provide the next opportunity to see a bit of the world.

This state of mind …

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