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Hazards in the epidemiological study of sudden infant death syndrome
  1. S Roy Meadow
  1. Room 4.13, Clinical Sciences Building, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds LS9 7TF, UK;

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The study of Platt and Pharaoh, confirms the increased risk of SIDS in twins compared with singletons.1 They point out that a major component of that higher accrued risk is that twins tend to be of low birthweight. Their finding that like-sex twins are at no greater risk than unlike-sex twins adds to the substantial evidence concerning the very limited role of genetic susceptibility for SIDS, and the rarity of recurrence in siblings of victims.2

The authors illustrate the gratifying fall in the number of SIDS during the six years of their 1990s study. As the number of infants categorised each year as SIDS in England and Wales comes nearer to that of 200, so it becomes more important for those involved in epidemiological studies …

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