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1 Classification of child abuse by motive and degree rather than type of injury

D P Southall, M P Samuels, M H Golden

February 2003;88:101–4.

2 Importance of timing of risk factors for cerebral oedema during therapy for diabetic ketoacidosis

A P C P Carlotti, D Bohn, M L Halperin

February 2003;88:170–3

3 Difficult asthma in children

S A McKenzie, A Bush

February 2003;88:168–9

4 Preventing sleeping problems in infants who are at risk of developing them

M Nikolopoulou, I St James-Roberts

February 2003;88:108–115

5 Survey of adrenal crisis associated with inhaled corticosteroids in the United Kingdom

G R G Todd, C L Acerini, R Ross-Russell, et al

December 2002;87:457–61

6 Tonsillectomy

M Burton

February 2003;88:95–6

7 Kawasaki disease: an evidence based approach to diagnosis, treatment, and proposals for future research

P A Brogan, A Bose, D Burgner, et al

April 2002;86:286–90

8 Resuscitation training of paediatricians

F Jewkes, B Phillips

February 2003;88:118–21

9 Breast feeding and respiratory morbidity in infancy: a birth cohort study

W H Oddy, P D Sly, N H de Klerk, et al

March 2003;88:224–8

10 Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis: recognition in the hands of general paediatricians

M Stonehouse, G Gupte, E Wassmer, et al

February 2003;88:122–4

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