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  1. Harvey Marcovitch, Editor in Chief

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In recent months we have received a series of papers detailing authors’ concerns over the increasing number of UK children they are seeing with rickets, particularly amongst certain ethnic minority groups. For various reasons, we rejected most of the submissions but since it is clear this is currently a subject of concern, we invited a group from Newcastle to summarise how best to investigate these children. The authors recommend that all paediatric units prepare a protocol to deal with the problem; we hope their review may provide the necessary template.See page 403


The immediate sequelae of bacterial meningitis, including neurodisability and sensorineural hearing loss have been repeatedly highlighted in scientific papers. What is less well documented are the possible long term effects in children previously assumed to have escaped major damage.

This month we report what has happened to 1175 children recruited to a national study of infantile meningitis carried out from 1985–7. The authors were able to trace and …

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