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These articles scored the most hits on ADC’s website during 2002

1 Kawasaki disease: an evidence based approach to diagnosis, treatment, and proposals for future research

P A Brogan, A Bose, D Burgner, et al

April 2002;86:286–90. TOTAL HITS: 8846

2 Obesity: diagnosis, prevention, and treatment; evidence based answers to common questions

J J Reilly, M L Wilson, C D Summerbell, et al

June 2002;86:392–4. TOTAL HITS: 8163

3 Short compared with standard duration of antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infection: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

M Michael, E M Hodson, J C Craig, et al

August 2002;87:118–23. TOTAL HITS: 6749

4 Type 2 diabetes in obese white children

A J Drake, A Smith, P R Betts, et al

March 2002;86:207–8. TOTAL HITS: 6056

5 An evidence and consensus based guideline for acute diarrhoea management

K Armon, T Stephenson, R MacFaul, et al

August 2001;85:132–42. TOTAL HITS: 5353

6 Inhaler devices for asthma: do we follow for asthma: do we follow the guidelines?

F Child, S Davies, S Clayton, et al

March 2002;86:176–9. TOTAL HITS: 4950

7 Recent advances in cystic fibrosis

I J M Doull

July 2001;85:62–6. TOTAL HITS: 4668

8 Fluid management in diabetic ketoacidosis

C D Inward, T L Chambers, J Edge

June 2002;86:443–4. TOTAL HITS: 4612

9 Hepatitis C–Z: recent advances

D Kelly, S Skidmore

May 2002;86:339–43. TOTAL HITS: 4611

10 How dangerous is food allergy in childhood? The incidence of severe and fatal allergic reactions across the UK and Ireland

C F Macdougall, A J Cant, A F Colver

April 2002;86:236–9. TOTAL HITS: 4543