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In the article by Nixon et al (Arch Dis Child 2002;87:306–11), Dr Claire Wainwright should have been included as an author. Dr Wainwright’s contribution was the establishment of the methodology and early patient recruitment and testing. Dr Wainwright moved from The Royal Children’s Hospital at the end of 1997, and was funded by The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Brisbane and the Cystic Fibrosis Research Inc, Queensland. The authors apologise for the omission.

The authors of the letter “Childhood SARS in Singapore” in the August issue (Arch Dis Child 2003;88:742) were written incorrectly. The authors names should be P Van Bever, C P P Hia, S C Quek.

In the acknowledgements for the leading article by Duke et al (Arch Dis Child 2003;88:563–5), Dr Diana Silimperi should have been acknowledged as part of the Paediatric Quality Care Group. The authors apologise for the error.

An error occurred in the paper by Riordan M, Rylance G, Berry K in the November issue. (Poisoning in children 1: General management. Arch Dis Child 2002;87:393–6). In table 2, pupillary constriction associated with signs of increased sympathetic nervous system activity should read as mild pupillary dilation. Anticholinergic agents are likely to produce a more marked dilation. The authors apologise for the error.

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