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Do “Shufflebottoms” bottom shuffle?


Aims: To investigate anecdotal evidence that the name “Shufflebottom” originates from the dominantly inherited characteristic of bottom shuffling.

Methods: A questionnaire based retrospective study to determine the incidence of bottom shuffling and age of first walking among those named “Shufflebottom” and a control population, of those named “Walker”.

Results: There was no statistically significant difference in incidence of bottom shuffling or age at first walking, between the two groups. The incidence of bottom shuffling (21.4%) was generally higher than has been described previously and Walkers were more likely to walk later than Shufflebottoms.

Conclusion: Shufflebottoms are no more likely to bottom shuffle than other children. The origin of the surname as representing this physical characteristic cannot be confirmed.

  • bottom shuffling
  • locomotion
  • surname

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