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Infant oxygen chair (Oxychair)
  1. R W Watt
  1. Royal Bolton Hospital, Minerva Road, Farnworth, Bolton BL4 0JR, UK; sandra.isherwood{at}

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Inspired by Dr P Davies' presentation at this year's Royal College Spring Meeting,1 I offer the following plan for the provision of oxygen for infants (up to 13 kg). The design is essentially a low cost update on the Derbyshire children's chair useful in the management of infants with cardiorespiratory disorders who may with advantage be nursed in the sitting position. Required is a Kangol infant car safety seat which is no longer in production, but can easily be found from a variety of sources (cost £10–20); this design has a better carrying handle for the purpose of supporting a Mothercare weathershield costing £8. The oxygen supply is best provided by making a number of perforations in the terminal 10 cm of the tubing rather than relying on the single end opening. Oxygen concentrations from 30% to 50% are achievable with oxygen flow rates between 2 and 15 l/min. As this device is not a piece of medical equipment use would be at user's risk, but we have successfully nursed infants with bronchiolitis and similar disorders in our unit with this chair. Many infants will have had previous experience of this device (without oxygen)!


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