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  1. Harvey Marcovitch, Editor in Chief

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Paediatric and Accident and Emergency trainees are frequently faced with a child who may have been poisoned by an ingested drug or household product. This month we present a five part symposium on poisoning which we hope will help them decide upon the best course of action. Readers may wish to broadcast the symposium throughout their institution or incorporate it within their own departmental guidelines. We are grateful to the team from Birmingham Children’s Hospital who put together the information. See pages 391–409


For 20 years it has been evident that obstructive sleep apnoea, unresponsive to adenotonsillectomy, is best managed with continuous positive airway pressure. Case series have been reported previously from the US and Australia; this month we report the results obtained in a UK clinic (Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children) managing 66 such children over a 6 year period. Treatment was maintained successfully in two-thirds. As well as detailing how to investigate such children and the techniques involved …

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