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Parkinson-like syndrome as the major presenting symptom of Epstein–Barr virus encephalitis
  1. J-C Hsieh,
  2. K-H Lue,
  3. Y-L Lee
  1. Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, 23 Sec. 1 Taijunggang road, Shi Chiu, Taichung, Ta, Republic of China;

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The main symptoms of Epstein–Barr virus encephalitis (EBV) encephalitis are fever, seizure, bizarre behaviour, headache, and metamorphosia.1 Bradykinesia, akathisia, involuntary hand movements, drooling, and torticollis are symptoms of Parkinson-like syndrome, which has never been described as a manifestation of EBV encephalitis. We report the case of a previously healthy boy who presented with Parkinson-like syndrome as the major symptom of EBV encephalitis.

A 12 year old, previously healthy boy was referred to our hospital because of severe cough with sputum and intermittent fever for seven days. Abdominal discomfort and vomiting were also noted one day before admission. On admission, his consciousness was clear with no focal neurological sign, no hepatosplenomegaly, …

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