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Practical Endocrinology and Diabetes in Children
  1. D P Smith

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This concise textbook has proved extremely useful in general paediatric ward and clinic work. Problem based chapters give an overview of the relevant physiology and a practical guide to examination, investigation, and management of a broad range of childhood endocrine disorders. Each chapter includes an interesting reference to controversial points in each field, future developments and example case history problems. There is also guidance on when to involve a specialist centre.

The authors have achieved consistency in the depth and approach of all chapters. The layout is modern, clear, and well illustrated which makes the book extremely readable.

The more unusual clinical problems such as intersex are included with remarkable depth and clarity for such a short text. The chapters on the common problems have been well thought out to cover practical questions. For example, the guidance on management of diabetes includes problems of long haul travel, surgery, alcohol use, and contraception in addition to practical aspects of ketoacidosis and cerebral oedema treatment.

The management guidance points are not individually referenced for level of evidence but represent established current practice. General references and key papers are given at the end of each chapter. Appendices list UK patient support group contacts and several growth charts, although height velocity and decimal age charts are not included.

The book is aimed at paediatricians in training and general paediatricians. In my department the book has also been used by nursing staff and doctors training in adult endocrinology. The authors achieve the difficult task of providing a text that is a good preparation for examinations in addition to a practical day-to-day guide. I would recommend the book to all candidates.

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