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These articles scored the most hits on ADC’s website during 2001

  1. Complementary and alternative medicine for children: does it work?

    January 2001;84:6–9. TOTAL HITS: 12,632

  2. MMR vaccine—worries are not justified

    D A C Elliman, H E Bedford, E Miller

    October 2001;85:271–4. TOTAL HITS: 7225

  3. Recent advances in cystic fibrosis

    I J M Doull

    July 2001;85:62–6. TOTAL HITS: 5566

  4. Breast feeding and cognitive development at age 1 and 5 years

    N K Angelsen, T Vik, G Jacobsen, L S Bakketeig

    September 2001;85:183–8. TOTAL HITS: 5218

  5. An evidence and consensus based guideline for acute diarrhoea management

    K Armon, T Stephenson, R MacFaul, P Eccleston, U Werneke, H Baumer

    August 2001;85:132–42. TOTAL HITS: 4988

  6. New pneumococcal vaccines for children

    S Choo, A Finn

    April 2001;84:289–94. TOTAL HITS: 3944

  7. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and MMR vaccine

    E Miller, P Waight, C P Farrington, N Andrews, J Stowe, B Taylor

    March 2001;84:227–9. TOTAL HITS: 3785

  8. Invasive procedures carried out in concious children: contrast between North American and European paediatric oncology centres

    R D W Hain, C Campbell, S Space, S Kharasch, H Bauchner

    July 2001;85:12–15. TOTAL HITS: 3389

  9. Screening and surveillance for autism and pervasive developmental disorders

    June 2001;84:468–75. TOTAL HITS: 3321

  10. Varicella vaccination—a critical review of the evidence

    August 2001;85:83–90. TOTAL HITS: 3088

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