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A common metric for the Griffiths Scales
  1. J Ivens1,
  2. N Martin2
  1. 1Lewisham Educational Psychology and Learning Support Service, Bromley, Kent, UK
  2. 2Tizard Centre, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr J Ivens, Lewisham Educational Psychology and Learning Support Service, 49 Shroffold Road, Downham, Bromley BR1 5PD, UK;


The GQ and individual scales from the Griffiths Mental Development Scales (2–8 years) have differing means and standard deviations. They differ from the common standard among developmental tests. Direct comparisons between Griffiths subscale scores and between the Griffiths and other test scores are therefore prone to misinterpretation. A corrective formula for Griffiths scores is supplied with tables for popularly used ranges.

  • Griffiths Scale
  • mental development
  • standard score

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